Environmental liability

Today, SMART OIL company, being aware of the scale of changes and understanding that environmental direction is not just a tribute to fashion but is a dictate of the time, exerts itself to fully satisfy the new demands of the market. We strictly follow the company’s internal policy on the environmental protection and do our best to minimize negative impact on the environment.

Long-term strategy of SMART OIL gives a special attention to sustainable development and observation of environmental standards. All our solutions are aimed at mitigation of the damage for the environment.

From the very beginning of the activity, SMART OIL has realized the measures on environmental protection and developed its own environmental protection policy which includes the following:

  • treating natural resources with care;
  • preservation of environmental situation at the work site;
  • elimination of negative impact on environment providing the operation with highly effective advanced equipment;
  • universal fulfillment of the demands of environmental laws and standards.