Working Safety and HSE Policy

The main principle of the work safety is to prevent operational injuries and occupational morbidity. To prevent an accident timely is our principal goal, challenge, leading principle of SMART OIL company. The highest priority for the company development is to create conditions of working safely facilitating preservation of the operating personnel’s life and health. To maintain safe work conditions a special program was developed and being operated which provides obtaining of hard information about subjects to management, planning of work on labor protection, distribution of liabilities on labor protection from the manager to the worker, coordination of labor protection operations, control over observing the effective legislation on labor protection and preparation of proposals according to inspection results.

The main tasks in the context of labor protection and occupational safety are:

  • providing preservation of the employees’ life and health when performing labor activity;
  • providing safe operation for industrial facilities, preventing failures, reduction of possible damage from their consequences;
  • providing implementation of the legislation for labor protection and occupational safety.