Production techniques

Starting from the date of its foundation, SMART OIL considered use of the advanced drilling techniques which meet the highest international standards as one of the priority direction of its development. Today they include using of downhole drilling motors, drilling systems with impregnated drill bits on high-speed turbines, Power-V automatic rotor system manufactured by Schlumberger and AUTO-TRACK manufactured by Baker Hughes and a range of other complex engineering solutions. Constant renovation of the fleet and equipment provides SMART OIL a technical possibility to drill the wells up to 7,000 meter deep and be a worthy competitor on the Kazakhstan market.

The Company renovates its technical resources annually. Today the Company assets include an advanced rig fleet manufactured in 2010-2013, and also the newest cementing units meeting the highest standards. There are 13 drilling rigs and more than 150 units of various special equipment on the balance of our relatively young company. Besides, SMART OIL independently provides itself with polymeric drilling mud and chemical agents through the affiliated organization that cooperates with such global partners as Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, Uralkali, Messina etc. Such cooperation allows proposing a complex approach to well construction with minimum possible number of contractors to potential customers.

Below you will find more detailed characteristics of SMART OIL drilling rigs:

Drilling rig type


Max. depth, m

ZJ70DBS drilling rig 2 7000м
ZJ40 drilling rig 6 4000м
MBU-125 drilling rig 2 2000м
ARB-100 drilling rig 1 1500м
XJ-550 drilling rig 1 7000м
UPA 60/80 hoist unit 2 3000м


ZJ70DBS drilling rig (2012)

1ZJ70Designed for rotary and slide drilling of operating and exploratory wells.
Made in China. This drilling rig is one of the most advanced equipment. It applies the latest world technologies available at present time.
ZJ-70 DBS is the stationary unit with all-wheel electric drive.
Nominal drilling depth -7,000 m, load capacity - 450 tons.
As of today the Company has 2 rigs at the place of production.

ZJ40 drilling rig (2010-2011)

2ZJ40 A mobile drilling rig, made in China, uses the latest technologies and meets all the required standards.
Nominal drilling depth - 4,000 m, load capacity - 225 tons.
As of today the Company has 6 rigs at the place of production (manufactured in 2010-2011) that are operating in Akshabulak, Aktau, Doshchan, Yeszhan fields (Customer – “South-Oil” LLP), and are also drilling Oral (“AralMunaiGaz” LLP) and Konakbay (“Nursat Bauyr and Co.”) LLP exploratory wells.

MBU-125 drilling rig (2007)

5MBU-125 Designed for rotary and slide drilling of operating and exploratory wells; Made in Russia.
Nominal drilling depth – 2,000 m, load capacity - 125 tons. Engine power - 470 hp.
As of today the Company has 2 rigs at the place of production (manufactured in 2007).

ARB-100 drilling rig (2007)

4APB-100 Designed for rotary and slide drilling, development, repair and recovery of oil and gas wells. ARB (repair and drill unit) meets the highest international standards and has proved itself well in various operational conditions, including the extreme ones.
Nominal drilling depth – 1,500 m.
As of today the Company has 1 rig at the place of production (manufactured in 2007).

XJ-550 drilling rig

6xj-550 XJ-550 light mobile drilling rigs manufactured in China are operated at the fields of the major extractive enterprises of the world and near-abroad countries. Nominal drilling depth – 2,000 m.
As of today the Company has 1 rig at the place of production.

UPA 60/80 hoist unit (2010)

6UPA-60-80 Manufactured by Machine-Building Plant CJSC (Saint-Petersburg), it is designed for the development and repair of oil and gas wells and allows to execute the following operations:

  • moving from well to well;
  • assembly-disassembly works in the well;
  • round trips with the oil well tubing, drill pipes, casings, and sucker rods;
  • sand washing, well killing, liquid mud circulation when drilling, milling and other works;
  • drilling out the shoe tracks, drilling, milling etc.
  • fishing operations and other works when eliminating well accidents.

Nominal well depth for well repair - 3,000 m.
As of today the Company has 2 units at the place of production (manufactured in 2010). It is planned to purchase 4 units in 2014.





Drilling Rigs Series DBS with the system conversion frequency  AC - one of the most competitive products of the company "HongHua." Key features DR DBS: increased productivity and efficiency, high degree of automation, significantly reducing labor costs while drilling.

Type: ZJ90BDS

Norm. Depth: 9000m (27000ft)

Winch power: 3200kW (4000HP)

Maximum load on the hook: 675mt / 1500000ibs

Pump power: 3 x 2200HP

Nhp. the main diesel generator and the quantity : 5 x 1200kW

For the purchasing DR ZJ90DBS signed a contract with the company "HongHua", for now made an advance payment , the main payment is scheduled for 2016, after which the DR arrives to SMART-OIL

Equipment fleet