Mission of the Company

SMART OIL takes its mission as to form a strong regional company on the market of oil services in Kazakhstan and near-abroad countries. One of the important mission aims is to become a leading and the most efficient contractor in the construction oil and gas wells. Due to the profoundly arranged operation of the company subdivisions, we aim at providing our clients a possibility to get a maximum profit from the invested resources and enable the economy development in the region and the country as a whole.

Corporate values

  • Reputation.

Our aspiration is to form an image of SMART OIL as the company deserving respect and fully justifying its name: We are smart at work and always follow innovations.

  • Team.

Team spirit of the staff plays a great role in solving the tasks of service improvements, work safety and execution of obligations to the Customers.

  • Quality and efficiency.

Challenge for reaching quality and high results at work is the basis of our competitive advantage. We develop this advantage from year to year.