History of the Company

SMART OIL drilling company was founded in 2004. During the first four years from its foundation date, the Company was at the organizational stage: equipment was purchased, a huge work for attracting and training of the staff was undergone. In 2007 the Company started its activity and immediately recommended itself as one of the most reliable partners both for the customers, for suppliers and other stakeholders. During the period of operations more than 150 exploratory and operating wells has been drilled. The important direction of the Company's activity is a drilling of directional and horizontal wells. Now the Company makes a valuable contribution to the development of energy industry, one of the strategic directions of Kazakhstan economy.

The accumulated experience and use of advanced technologies are the basis for the development of each company. The globalization processes which take place in the world economy intensify the competition on the market of oil services and challenges us to be involved in the process of changes more actively. We realize that the further development of our Company means moving only ahead based on knowledge and innovations.

An important target of SMART OIL is to be a more competitive contractor for the drilling services to the operator or customer. The Company regularly renovates the rig fleet. At the present moment we own such advanced drilling rigs as: “ZJ70DBS”, “ZJ40”, “MBU-125”, “ARB-100”, “XJ-550”, “UPA 60/80” etc. You will be able to learn more about the SMART OIL technical base in the relevant site section.

SMART OIL drilling company employs highly qualified personnel which has the high knowledge and wide experience in drilling and workover of deep wells (up to 7,000 m) in different geological structures. Having all these we aspire to provide our business partners a possibility to raise their production and process potential through qualitative and timely supply of the contractual services.

SMART OIL management pays much attention on maintenance of high living conditions as well as sport and wellness for its employees what enables us to keep the employees in the Company maintaining the minimum percent of the turnover.

Making our own contribution to Kazakhstan economy we treat our environment with care trying to preserve it for future generations. We aspire toward creation of a perspective for our children and grandchildren having preserved and increased all the best that surrounds us. This is precisely why we pay so much attention on complying with all environmental standards and regulations stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

When choosing SMART OIL, you choose a responsible and reliable partner. A differentiated approach to each project allows us to guarantee success in the projects of various complexity.