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For several years, Mangistau oblast, dynamically developing, has been one of the engines for the economy and a donor for republican budget, annually transferring dozens of billion tenge to the main treasury of the state. It is traditionally supposed that two main fundamental stones supporting the welfare of the region are oil and gas industry and logistics, first of all, tied up with sea ports. But, for the last years, it is the oblast tourist industry that makes a statement, moving not fast, but steadily, to its place in the region economical infrastructure.

And now, regional development has received a new regular impetus. The Consultative Regional Council for implementation of large-scaled “Kazakhstan Regional Development” project being realized under the auspices of the government of the Republic and EU, was recently formed in Mangistau oblast. We will further discuss what the program is and what opportunities are to be open for Mangistau oblast in case of its successful implementation, and now let us take a look at routine life of the and try to quickly evaluate the present lie of matters.