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HR Policy

The foundation stone of SMART OIL personnel are high level specialists experienced in successful implementation of large projects, having established partnerships with the suppliers, aware of the market specific character. We formed a team of like-minded men – real professionals in their fields. We appreciate our employees regardless of their working position and facilitate their development. We reckon on the relations that have mutual respect and solidarity while taking decisions as the main principle.

SMART OIL company’s corporate policy is addressed to attraction and development of the employees who help forward the company’s growth and development. We encourage: initiative, career advancement, personal evolution of the employees. Supported by the experience, we appreciate what we have reached and seek for going forward understanding that the future may be built only based on aggregate individual efforts by each member of our team.

SMART OIL management supposes that it is the human capital that plays a defining role in long-term prospect of the business development. The company’s commercial success and intensity of the development depend on the HR potential. That is why SMART OIL management treats HR policy as the key link of its activity, builds up a civilized and modern system of the employees’ motivation, encourages and assists their training, creates all necessary conditions for successful work of our team.

With a glance to continuous increasing of the demand in qualified specialists, SMART OIL company’s management developed a special program for the employees’ training and skill conversion in partner HEI – “Innovation and Technology College”. To teach the company’s employees, as well as to upgrade the qualification of the college lecturers, experienced readers and professors from Ufa Oil and Gas Institute, Satpayev Kazakh National Technical University, Gubkin Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas are regularly invited.

SMART OIL company has a strong idea - real effectiveness making a company successful occurs only when there is a team of trained professionals united with common values, oriented on the result when solving tasks the company faces, lead by the principles of collaboration and mutual respect.
The company steadily holds the following principles:

The company is responsible for its each employee facilitating not only the growth of his/her material welfare, but a social, professional and personal development as well.

Human resources potential development  
Many employees of SMART OIL company have passed training in the partner specialized college. Annually, a few score of specialists advance their qualification and obtain new knowledge owing to the work of invited readers from other cities of Kazakhstan and Russia.

Equal opportunities at internal rotation and career progress
We provide the employees with equal opportunities for development within the company, ensuring the access to educational and social programs.  

Professionalism, initiative and responsibility of each employee are the key factors when taking decisions regarding vertical or horizontal rotation (promotion or transfer to another business subdivision).

Motivation and reward 
We objectively evaluate and reward each employee’s contribution, creating conditions for more effective work.

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